Rechitsa Local History Museum

The museum is the basis of the history and culture of its region. It offers new exposition, a new building and, of course, the main fund, which is annually enriched by more than 500 new items. The museum was founded on 3 May 1952 and welcomed its first visitors were in November 1954. From the very moment of its foundation the museum acquired good traditions in the youth education and upbringing, in promoting its native land history and culture. During these years the museum funds were filled with more than 30,000 items of material and spiritual culture (35,053 units on 1 January 2020). There are significant collections of archaeology, numismatics, phaleristics, paintings, peasant objects of labour and daily life of Rechitsa peasants, Belarusian national clothes, weaving, photos and documents, etc. Materials, which present the regional history from the 6th century B.C. till present days, are exhibited in such exposition halls as "The Region Ancient History", "Rechitsa on the Boundary of the 19th-20th centuries", "The Great Patriotic War", "Soviet Period and the Newest Time», "Ethnography" "The Region Nature". The museum is a memory about the past; it is the basis for the present and future.

The Region Ancient HistoryEthnography
EthnographyThe Region Nature
Rechitsa on the Boundary of the 19th-20th centuriesSoviet Period and the Newest Time
The Great Patriotic WarOur Countrypeople